Re-Elect State Senator Dave Robertson


Meet Dave Robertson:

" experience teaches me that, here in Lansing, a rationale can always be found for raising taxes on some or all of Michigan's taxpayers." That was my no-vote explanation on the Senate floor as I was leading the opposition to the new pension tax and the freeze on income tax reduction. It sums up my long fight on behalf of hard working Michigan taxpayers. I understand that real leadership means finding real solutions to our state's issues while respecting the sacrifice Michigan workers make through their tax dollars.

I learned these values from my parents. They emigrated from Scotland to Michigan in 1957 to realize the American Dream of providing their children with a better life. As a skilled tradesman, a powerhouse operator for General Motors and a member of UAW Local 659, my father worked tirelessly to provide that life for our family. In our home, every dollar counted and every paycheck meant another two weeks of being above water.

I took these valuable lessons with me in life as an insurance agent, county commissioner, state representative, and state senator. I have always kept in mind the hours of hard work, the great sacrifices and aspirations of Michigan workers during my public service. That is why I have been a consistent voice on behalf of Michigan workers who face more needless sacrifices to replace the lack of fiscal responsibility in Lansing. Under both Republican and Democrat governors, I have always kept my childhood lessons memories in mind as I fight for the people of Michigan and their hard earned dollars.

My record as a tax payer watch dog includes:

  • The first bill I introduced was the repeal of the Single Business tax.
  • I was on the front line of fighting for property tax relief that resulted in the passage of Proposal A.
  • I Fought against the Michigan Business Tax and MBT surcharge.
  • I led the fight against the new pension tax and freeze on income tax reduction.
  • I introduced and passed into law legislation that cuts tax on trading in vehicles or watercrafts.