Michigan's Political Issues


    I believe that, in order for Michigan to comeback as the economic engine of the world, taxes of all kind must be kept low. Michigan's competitiveness is dependent on its families keeping what they earn for a more stable life and its businesses' ability to expand.

    I have long faught against needless and burdensome taxes. This includes my fierce opposition to the new pension tax. I have been an early advocate for property tax reform. I have introduced and passed Public Act 89 of 2013, which cuts sales taxes for people trading in their used cars and boats. I also introduced Senate Bill 327, which bans the Michigan Department of Treasury and all other tax collectors from using quotas. This legislation ensures that tax laws and rules are applied equally to all taxpayers so the department can take only what it legally can instead of what it wants.


    I am a life-long proponent of respecting the Second Amendment and all the rights it allows.

    I have a consistent record of fighting for responsible gun owners to exercise their rights. I am a current member of the National Rifle Association because I believe that government should respect the U.S. Constitution and its command that these rights "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED".


    I am proud to have supported Public Act 436 of 2012, which grants the powers to Emergency Financial Managers to fix failing cities and school districts.

    Detroit is one of these cities that is in dire need of financial organization.


    I have always believed that every child should have the right to find the education they deserve in 21st century America. I have consistently fought to modernize our education system so that it meets the needs of every child so they can grow to achieve the American Dream.

    I introduced Senate Bill 83 which empowers the majority of parents in a failing school district to convert their school into a charter school in order to give these students a second chance at a first-rate education. I am proud to have supported the passage of legislation to have teachers pay twenty percent of their healthcare benefits as a generous and fair measure to ensure financial stability to our schools. I have supported means to alternative education such as raising the cap on charter and cyber schools. I have also helped pass teacher tenure reform which ensures that our children are taught by the most talented educators in our public education system.


    Government should manage its budget responsibly and operate within its means just like the rest of us. Our State's budget should always have the leadership to find solutions to its budgetary issues instead of passing on debt to our children and grand children.

    I supported reforms to our public employee health benefit system, which maintains out of control healthcare costs to our state and local governments. I also helped to balance our state's budget while closing our state's $1.5 billion dollar deficit.


    We should always honor the great sacrifices and service of our State's veterans.

    Our commitment to them and their bravery and valor should always be remembered and kept as well. It is because of this that I did my part in helping to pass legislation that helps Vietnam veterans earn their high school diplomas. I also supported legislation to exempt disabled veterans from property taxes.


    Public safety is important to our communities. I believe that all members of law enforcement should have all the tools necessary to protect our community.

    That's why I introduced and passed legislation that makes it illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of any intoxicating substance, which prevents users of new designer drug from endangering lives on the road. I also introduced a bill aimed at the horrendous crime of "human trafficking". My legislation creates a state "human trafficking board" to work with law enforcement in putting an end to vulnerable people being exploited.

  • LIFE

    I have been a longtime advocate for the unborn.

    I believe that every life is special and deserves of the same opportunity to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that we all enjoy. I have always been a proud voice for those who have none on this issue. It is because of these values that I introduced legislation that forbids the practice of "judge shopping" in which someone can seek a parental waiver in any family court district after being denied in a different one. I also introduced legislation that mandates that abortion providers give a woman the option to view an ultrasound of the fetus before any decision for termination is made.


    The security of our elections is vital to our democratic system.

    Every vote must be respected and secured. That is why I introduced legislation that updates the Secretary of State's file of registered voters as a means of preventing voter fraud and preserving the integrity of our elections.